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Atlantic Technology www.atlantictechnology.com Home Theater, THX Speaker Systems and Electronics 

Audio Authority www.audioauthority.com Commercial Grade Video & Audio Distribution 

Belden Inc. www.belden.com "Home Choice" RG6, Cat5 and Structured Cable 

Bose Corporation www.bose.com BUILT-INvisible Audio Systems 

Channel Vision Central www.channelvision.com/ RF & Video Distribution Products 

Denon www.denon.com Home Audio Field featuring A/V Receivers, DVD and more 

Elan http://www.elanhomesystems.com/ Speakers, Volume Controls, & Structured Wiring 

Energy www.energy-speakers.com/v2/ Speaker Systems for all levels 

Energy Speakers www.energy-speakers.com/v2/ Speaker Systems for all levels 

Escient www.escient.com Escient Products 

Fujitsu www.plasmavision.com Makers of Plasmavision 

Fusion Research  Fusion Research Fusion Research 

harman/kardon www.harmankardon.com Industry Leading Home Electronics 

Jamo Custom www.customdistributing.com/index.htm home audio, custom installation  

Jamo www.jamospeakers.com Jamo Products 

Klipsch www.klipsch.com reference speakers and subwoofers, etc. Was Featured on the cover of Home Theater Magazine. 

Mirage www.miragespeakers.com Hi-Fidelity speakers designed and manufactured in Canada  

NEC www.nec.com Nec 

Niles Audio www.nilesaudio.com Industry Leading Installation Solutions 

Niles Audio-Amplifiers www.nilesaudio.com System Integration Amplifiers 

Omnimount Systems www.omnimount.com Speakers, Plasma, and LCD Mounting Systems 

Panamax www.panamax.com Surge Suppression and Power Management 

Panasonic www.panasonic.com World Class Video & Audio Products 

Parasound www.parasound.com High Performance Separates for the Enthusiast 

Peerless Industries www.peerlessindustries.com/pro.cfm Audio & Video Support Systems 

Philips Electronics www.philips.com Industry Leading Electronics 

Pioneer www.pioneer-america.com/pna/hec/home/0,,2076_3125,00.html Premier manufacturer of industrial level plasma displays 

ProConnect Wire & Cable ProConnect Wire & Cable Wire & Cable 

ProConnect Connectors ProConnect Connectors ProConnect Connectors 

ProConnect Wallplates & Inserts ProConnect Wallplates & Inserts ProConnect Wallplates & Inserts 

ProFlex Interconnects ProFlex Interconnects High Value Interconnect Cables 

ProFlex Wire & Cable ProFlex Wire & Cable Wire Products for the Installation Specialist 

Rack-A-Tiers Manufacturing Inc. www.rack-a-tiers.com Rack-a-tiers 

Remote Technologies Inc. www.rticorp.com leader in the design and manufacture of advanced control products for automating the operation of home theaters and other audio/video systems 

Rockustics www.rockusticsinc.com Outdoor high-fidelity speakers, etc. 

Samsung www.samsungusa.com Samsung Products 

Sanus Systems www.sanus.com Manufacturer of high quality A/V Furniture and Video Mounts 

Sharp www.sharp-usa.com/ Advanced Video Displays 

Straight Wire www.straightwire.com Highest quality Audio, Video, Digital and Speaker Wire available. Straight wire will custom make any type of cable in any length with virtually any connector on demand. 

Universal Remote Control www.hometheatermaster.com "Entertainment made simple!" Industry Standard Universal Remotes 

Velodyne Acoustics www.velodyne.com Global leader in high performance, low distortion subwoofers 

ViewSonic www.viewsonic.com # 1 Monitor Display Company in the US, offering comprehensive visual display solutions for consumer electronics, business, education,  and professional markets 

Yamaha www.yamaha.com Yamaha Home Audio/Video Products