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About: Mike GHT

This Is How Our Story Began

Michael Abounassar, Owner of Galaxy Home Theatres, has over 20 years of Professional Services & Experience in Home Entertainment Systems.


He has worked on several successful and professional Home Theatres Projects: with layouts and planning.


He is a Specialist in Surround-Sound Home Theatre, Televisions, DD_EX, DTS-ES, THX, DPLII, SACD, DVD-Audio, Speakers, Receivers, etc. 


Before opening his own Company GHT, his previous experiences included: The Good Guys Technical Specialist & Top Sales & Customer Satisfaction Consultant. Upon Store Directors' requests, Michael had also made demonstrations to store directors, managers, and salesmen.  


Michael's Trustworthy Expertise, especially with his Customers & Suppliers, has ranked him at the top of the list with his customers and distributors.  With Top Products & services and his Excellent value and commitment to customers. 

His diverse and recognized CLIENTS in LOS ANGELES & surrounding areas include: Hollywood Celebrities, Authors, Writers, Producers, and much more.

highlights: Michael Abounassar, Owner of Galaxy Home Theatres, has many devoted clients.  He has been commissioned for Celebrities, Scholars, Musicians, Actors, Executives,... His clients television systems appear in numerous Movie Star homes, studios,offices,... He truly is the Home Theatre System Designer Specialist to the Stars! Celebrities                        Authors/ Writers/ Producers                                Commissions

A graduate of Santa Monica College, California, Abounassar's genius of building special custom home theatre designs began at an early age.


For an international designer, Abounassar's Adams Hill home is in Glendale, which he shares with his parents and talented renowned sister artist


Michael spends most of his time working on his latest home theatre project or on promotion strategy with his family.

Home Theatre designs lie on the family dining table showing that another one of his works is on its way to some part of Los Angeles, CA. In the corner of his desk, are files of such designs. Several of Abounassar's designs are featured in the homes of Celebrities, Writers, Producers, Musicians, Politicians, etc.

 His designs are unique & universal to all cultures and people.

Abounassar seeks inspiration from the wonderful satisfied clients who become friends.


."We all learn from each other," Abounassar said. "That is what I cherish the most.


."However, Abounassar's work is not limited. "It's all learning things," 

Everyone has a special gift given by God in order to help each other. People should nurture that gift and water it...


That is how Mike portrays that in his life, through his special custom home theatre designs...."Abounassar's can be viewed at his website. 

 Michael was born in 1975, and began designing at the early age, receiving many 1st place awards till date. focusing on life & love subjects. 

​Home Theatre Designer Michael Abounassar & his family arrived to the United States on the Eve of Halloween / All Saints Day on October 31, 1990. He has earned a large following of commissions for his home theatre designs & has created this for well-known dignitaries;  (see latimes articles, local & international news), 



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